Vibraphonist Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy


"an extraordinary musical ability

and a boundless imagination"

-Gary Burton


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dan Mccarthy


"a vibraphonist with a charismatic and pointedly contemporary style"

Nate Chinen, New York Times


"highly listenable, yet creative sound"

All About Jazz - New York


"INTERWORDS is one of the top 10 jazz album of the year"

Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star


"Dan gives new visions of the mallet instrument"

All About Jazz - New York



Dan McCarthy has been a professional vibraphonist for twenty years, having performed with such artists as George Garzone, Mark Shim, Ari Hoenig, Myron Walden, Robin Eubanks, Jeremy Steig, Gerald Cleaver, Don Thompson, and Ingrid Jensen. He has performed extensively across Canada and the United States, at such venues as Birdland, The Iridium, and The Rex Jazz Bar, as well as headlining jazz festivals across the continent. He is endorsed my Innovative Percussion mallets.




Upcoming SHows

Tuesday, APRIL 17th, 8pm - Cornelia Street Café

Dan McCarthy, vibraphone

Randy Ingram, piano

Michael Bates, bass

Owen Howard, drums



Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz New York

Dan McCarthy delivers some very good vibrations on this debut recording. Part of the new group of young vibraphonists including Stefon Harris (Evolution, Blue Note 2004) and Ben Adams (Old Thoughts for a New Day, Lunar Module 2006), McCarthy has his own ideas for the idiosyncratic instrument, which requires the skills of both a drummer and pianist to master. 

McCarthy honed his craft academically in Canada for eighteen years before moving to New York in 2004. He displays the wares as a leader with Interwords, which reflects on honored vibe players like Milt Jackson and Gary Burton but also gives new visions of the mallet instrument. He has agility and lyricism to go along with his percussion onslaught, but the trio's performance and the smart compositions garner the most vivid focus. 

These musicians are not only versed in hard-swinging tempos like the one on the showstopping "Something Walking," where trio-mates Matt Wigton (bass) and Greg Ritchie (drums) get to flex their formative muscles, but also on picturesque numbers like "Orchid, which has a paced and dreamy theme, and the resounding "Insight, where special guest saxophonist Myron Walden adds lyricism while the trio navigates through tricky changes.

This recording does not belabor the listener with overly long pieces. Instead, it's spotted with small snippets called "Short Stories that briefly interject curious themes—such as the toy-like "Short Story #2, which piques the listener's attention. But the trio also has plenty of room to stretch out on the Latin-tinted "Ebo, which features elaborate feats of energy and oneness. The trio plays every selection as if it was the last opportunity—with deep feeling, expectancy and freedom—the very things that makes jazz so appealing. Recommended.